Who We Are

Madhya Pradesh State Minor Forest Produce (Trading & Development) Co-operative Federation is a registered cooperative organization of Govt of Madhya Pradesh engaged in trade and development of Minor Forest Produce sustainably harvested in the State. It was formed in 1984. MP MFP Federation co-ordinates collection and processing and marketing of Nationalized NTFPs like Tendu leaves, Sal Seed, & Kullu Gum. Besides this it also support sustainable management, harvesting and marketing of other herbs, shrubs and plant produce having medicinal and nutritional properties. These forest produce are primarily collected through village level Primary Forest Produce Co-operative Societies.

Some of the mazor activities of MP MFP Federation are:

  • Collection and trade of Nationalized forest produce like Tendu Leaves, Kullu and Sal seed at rate declared by Govt of MP
  • eveloping system for procurement of various other Non nationalized Forest Produce at declared Minimum Support Price and its disposal. (Char, Lac, Harra, Mahua, Karanz Seed, Neem seed and Honey)
  • Establishment of Processing centre for providing primary processing and Value addition facilities to villagers for more than 150 NTFPs commercially harvested from forest of MP
  • Supporting sustainable management activities associated with NTFPs and other bio resources conservation.
  • Welfare program for NTFPs collectors
  • Infrastructure development in the villages mostly constituted of NTFP collectors

Madhya Pradesh State Minor Forest Produce (Trading & Development) Co-operative Federation Ltd. is the apex organization in a three tier structure.In 1988, the Madhya Pradesh Government decided to totally eliminate the middlemen in collection, storage and trade of Minor Forest Produce, and authorized the formation of Co-operative Societies of actual collectors.

To implement this decision, a three tier Co-operative structure was designed. At the primary level, 1947 Primary Forest Produce Co-operative Societies were constituted with the membership of only actual pluckers; the Chairman of the society was chosen from the members only. Later on, elections were held in all the primary societies. After reorganisation of the state, there are 1066 Primary Forest Produce Co-operative Societies in the new state of M.P

At the secondary level, 44 District Forest Produce Co-operative Unions were formed under the Chairmanship of the District Collector. Their number was subsequently increased from time to time. Presently 60 District Unions are functioning. Elections have been held for most of the District Unions and elected Chairmen are functioning in them

Madhya Pradesh State Minor Forest Produce Co-operative Federation, which had come into existence in 1984, is at the apex level of this setup. At present, it also has an elected Board of Directors and an elected Chairman.